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First Contact-
Character Design

First Contact was a final class project that started as a brief design prompt. As a small team of two, we were given the task to design characters and the environment for the prompt and present it to the class as a mock design presentation. I challenged myself by taking on the character design aspect of the project. I was to design an alien character and a handful of astronaut characters. Both of these character types were incredibly challenging to design.


The Alien

For the alien, I went through many different potential designs, and through presenting my work and getting feedback from other students in the class, settled on the creature seen above. I wanted this alien to have an element of surprise, that would take the astronauts and the audience by surprise. I settled with a head that would have false eyes on the outside that would open up to reveal the real eyes inside. The creature also extends to show its full length. 

Beginning Design Sketches

Final Round Sketches

The Astronauts

The astronauts, although all wearing the same suit design, all have small unique characteristics to each person. They each have a different patch hinting at their personality, and each have their own job titles. They have corresponding tools that each character utilizes throughout their journey. I was inspired by blocky, retro-esque astronaut suits and the vibrant orange color associated with them. 

Action Sketches

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