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Gallery Exhibition

Home Means Nevada was created as a final project. I wanted to include a few different repetitions of these dirty Vans shoes, and decided I would let the orientation, size and location be determined randomly as I positioned them in different ways. I really liked the back view of the shoe, and decided to put that as my main view on the left bottom corner to frame the piece. I ended up having the arch as the main image of the painting, but it is placed in between two floating shoes. The placement of all three shoes carries the viewers’ eye in a circular motion, bouncing from the largest to smallest. The colors of the clashing images compliment each other in an interesting way, and is reminiscent of the American flag. Looking at the final product, my painting represents a sort of dream-like state of remembrance of the places and things I used to be.

Self Portrait, 2022, Oil on Canvas

Painting Class Projects

B&W Study, 2022, Oil on Canvas

Contrasting Color Study, 2022, Oil on Canvas

Sculpture Study, 2022, Oil on Canvas


2022, Oil on Canvas

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