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Polaroid Stories-Background Design

Polaroid Stories is a modern adaptation of Orvid's Metamorphoses, taking place in an abandoned pier on the outermost edge of an unnamed city. This spot is populated by young people pushed to society's fringe, with no where else to go. The story follows street kids, dealers and young prostitutes as they navigate their confusing, disturbing and turbulent lives. 

3D Model (Blender)

The Process

Polaroid Stories was produced in Winter of 2021, while the world was still shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The entire production was done digitally, and was livestreamed on YouTube. My job as the background designer was similar to that of a role of scenic designer, but instead of working with a physical set, I was working with a strictly digital one. I started by creating a "concrete" maze in Blender, and applying textures and props corresponding to each scene. I also determined the shot and positions for each actor. I then took high resolution screenshots and edited them in photoshop to create the backgrounds seen below.

Production Screenshots

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