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Teaching Assistant,
Paint Charge

 The Masters in Theatre Studies program offered at Southern Oregon University is aimed at theatre teachers looking to expand their knowledge of producing shows, including classes on building and painting sets. This was an optional week long course that taught students how to operate power tools, construct basic elements of scenery, and how to paint using various techniques. This was a unique experience, as this set was created for educational purposes rather than for a production of a show.

My role was not only as a teaching assistant for this course, but I also had the privilege of designing the paint elevations. This gave me a unique advantage as I had in depth knowledge on the techniques required in the design

During the painting process, I also served as a paint charge. I was managing crews, organizing the paint shop, and managing project requirements. 


The Garden


The Dock

Progress Pictures


Wood Grain and Tile

Rail Trompe L'oeil

To-Do List


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