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What Happened While Hero Was Dead

Designed for: Southern Oregon University

Framed after Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, Hero wakes up to a world in which she does not exist. Rumors rapidly spread of her cheating on Claudio, her soon-to-be husband, and that she has died of shame. She is sentenced to her maid’s room, in which she cannot leave. She begins to have revelations on sex, society, and her life, realizing that this may be the best thing that has ever happened to her. She tries desperately to take control of her own story, to be fed back through the societal machine against her will.


This play explores the world of Messina, Italy in Much Ado About Nothing, but jumps back and forth over the line of the Shakespeare realm and the modern realm. There are two distinct settings in the script: the maid’s quarters and the wedding. I wanted to incorporate both the classic look of the play the story is based on, and my own modern take on the space. The majority of the story is spent in Margaret’s room, with a big reveal to the wedding for the final scene. I wanted to emphasize this grand wedding, as it is not only the turning point in the show, but a moment that confuses the viewer. We spend the whole play learning with Hero as she makes these grand discoveries about life, for it to all come crashing down as things become exactly the same as they were before the play started. I wanted to also incorporate a floral theme, not only for the wedding, but throughout the show. Hero is referenced to be beautiful, pure, innocent, and the forces around her are powerful and feminine. However, the room that it all takes place in is Margaret’s. She is the one involved in the scandal that causes Hero to be ‘dead’. She explains to her that she wanted to pretend, to feel pretty and special. I wanted to give Margaret a room where she tries to emulate Hero’s world, but just doesn’t have the resources or the time for the upkeep of it.

3D Model and Renders


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