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The Thanksgiving Play

Designed for: Southern Oregon University

The Thanksgiving Play explores the world of a overly ambitious theatre teacher attempting to put on a play about Thanksgiving in a way that honors Native Americans. She gathers a team consisting of her boyfriend, a history teacher, and an actor she hires as her "cultural compass". The only issue is, they're all white.

This play takes place in a children's classroom, and as the story itself, the world around them is far too real. However, these characters are all silly in their own ways, and make honest mistakes. I wanted this classroom to be fun, bright and colorful, and a little over the top. Keeping in mind the lack of budget that the characters actively express in the show, the classroom itself couldn't be too over the top. I thought about those theater classrooms that have a small elevated space for a stage, but may not have all the resources for a larger scale playing space. There are also small scenes in between the main story depicting real Thanksgiving classroom "lesson plans" that the characters act out, and those moments are very performative. I wanted to take the audience out of the classroom for those moments, so I had the idea to have large curtains on either side of the stage that would close during those scenes, turning the whole playing space into a giant stage. 

However, that idea ended up being cut last minute due to miscommunication and time constraints.

3D Model Render (Vectorworks)


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