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Paint Crew-
Lady's Not For Burning,
Jesus Christ Superstar Workshop, 
Scenic Painting Study


Working on paint crews provided me with the fundamentals of scenic painting. It opened my eyes to a world where my two greatest interests met: theatrical performance and art. 

Lady's Not For Burning Drop

House Outline/Base Coat

Finishing Touches

This drop was based on an impressionist painting of a house in the countryside surrounded by flowers. It was to hang behind a window as masking. The sharp details were not necessary, allowing for a faster, less precise approach. This drop was done in one 3 hour session.

Jesus Christ Superstar Workshop

Actors Blocks with Rainbow Gradient

Scenic Painting Studies

Scenic Painting Final

Bricks and Stones

Marble and Woodgrain

Trompe L'oeil

Various Distressing Practice

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