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What Happened While Hero Was Dead -
Paint Charge

I had the privilege to take on not only the scenic designer role for this production, but I was also the paint charge. This gave me the ability to make quick decisions on the paint treatment that I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise, but it also allowed me to take a more hands on role with my own design. I had to switch between two different working styles, the designer and the painter, which helped me think in more of an analytical way on how my design would be recreated.

Floor Process



As I was handling last-minute changes to my design of this show, I was also in full swing of the process of painting it. I was determining techniques, choosing and mixing colors, directing crews of students, and maintaining a unified look to the treatments. I was grateful to have a part in the painting process, as it gave me the ability to determine the final look for my design. I found joy in coming to paint calls even on stressful days, because I could problem solve in ways I was confident in and I was surrounded by an optimistic crew that was excited to work.


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